Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro 309 User Reviews

POCO X3 Pro was launched recently in India and the model. The model is seeing some record-breaking sales owing to its flagship-level performance. The phone was powered by Snapdragon 860, a high-end chipset from Qualcomm. Owing to this, POCO X3 Pro is getting a huge amount of attention from everyone, even from gamers as well. The Poco X3 Pro USB Driver is 100% free since the Poco community officially releases it for Poco Mobile users. The Poco X3 Pro USB Driver is a free software primarily used to install the Poco Drivers on the Windows Computer with a few clicks. Poco X3 Pro Smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Chipset.

  • Stereo speakers are nice to have, and while the ones on the Poco X3 Pro are loud and good enough for sound effects in games, they won’t really let you get the best out of high-quality music.
  • It also has a screen with a large inch count, but it’s not too tall.
  • The last few Xiaomi devices that came to me for review all have a high refresh rate AMOLED display.
  • Another let-down is Poco’s lack of regard for ergonomics as well as aesthetics.
  • It gets the job done, looks good, and is fast and smooth.

In an interesting twist, Poco has gone with lower resolutions for the X3 Pro’s rear cameras than it did with the Poco X3. You get a 48-megapixel primary camera and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide one, compared to 64 and 13 megapixels respectively on what is supposed to be a lower-end model in the same series. Of course, sensor and lens quality are much more important than stock firmware ROM resolution alone.

The additional 119° wide-angle lens with an 8 MP resolution does its job as well as the main camera in terms of colors and contrast. However, pictures taken with the wide-angle camera visibly lack sharpness at the edges of the image. The lens quartet is topped off by a depth-of-field camera with 2 MP and a macro camera that is activated in the camera settings and then has a fixed focus of 4 cm. However, because it also only has a resolution of 2 MP, its use is quite limited. The main camera takes good pictures in daylight that score points with natural colors and decent image sharpness.

baixar stock rom poco x3 pro

This chipset includes 2 performance-oriented 2.2GHz Cortex-A76 and 6 efficiency-oriented 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 cores in the CPU part. Frankly, when we compare the chipsets, we see that the POCO X3 Pro has an obvious advantage. Our winner this time in terms of performance is the POCO X3 Pro.

  • The 8MP ultra-wide camera has a similar color imbalance.
  • Below, we have provided the download link to these drivers.
  • With the “Android 12 – 13 Eligibility Check” and “MIUI 13 Eligibility Check” menus, you can check which update your selected device will receive or not.
  • It is not like you can’t lift a 215-gram phone, but it gets rather uncomfortable for prolonged one-handed use.

If you’re only building for one device, 25GB-50GB is fine. If you plan to build for several devices that do not share the same kernel source, aim for 75GB-100GB. This space will be permanently occupied on your drive, so take this into consideration. After you download the custom ROM, proceed to install the ROM on your device. To unlock your Poco X3 Pro device’s bootloader, the first thing you need to do is to enable the OEM unlocking option from the setting option of your device.

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